Видео: International Fonts in in Fontographer 5 for Windows

International fonts in Fontographer 5 for Mac

How to create International fonts in Mac Fontographer.

Font Families in Fontographer 5

font family, style, weight, bold, italic.

My First Font in Fontographer 5

A walk-through of how to create your very first font using Fontographer 5.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fontographer 5

FAQs, compare FontLab. TypeTool.

Handwriting Fonts in Fontographer 5

Tips on creating and editing handwriting fonts.

Special Effects Fonts in Fontographer 5

Creating drop shadows and opaque fonts in Fontographer.

Adding OpenType Features in Fontographer 5

How to edit "fea" (OpenType feature files) and include them in your fonts. Including: fea, feature, ligatures, class kerning, hanging ...

Font Style Tutorial: Fontographer 5

Video ini merupakan tutorial penggunaan Fontographer 5 untuk pemula. Fontographer merupakan software untuk membuat font ...

How To Use Fontographer and import text to editors

How To Use Fontographer and how to drag your font into any windows,mac,unix operating system's editors it is really simple ...

Importing Artwork into Fontographer 5

bitmapped images, EPS, copy/paste.

How to create Font Families in Fontographer

"Font Families" style weight bold italic.

Fica a Dica #2 - Agrupar e Organizar Fontes na mesma Família | TransType 4

Quantas vezes instalou uma fonte com vários pesos mas não pertencem a mesma família? Neste tutorial podes ver como agrupar e ...

FontLab Fontographer 5

The legendary font editor Fontographer is now owned by Fontlab Ltd. Version 5 is the first major release after 14 years, and ...

Editing Proportional Metrics in Fontographer 5

How to edit Proportional or Vertical metrics for Asian CJK fonts. CJK stands for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and is sometimes ...

My First Font

How to create your first font in Fontographer.

Easy Font Tutorial Use Fontographer (In Bahasa)

Tutorial membuat font dengan menggunakan aplikasi Fontographer yang sangat mudah digunakan.

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