Видео: Leica M8 Rangefinder in 2018: The First 48 Hours

Leica M8: One Week in 2018

Update: Just over a week since I began my Leica journey. In this video I compare it to a kiss from a rose on the grey. Or something.

Review of Leica M8 in 2018: Week Three Blues?

The blues can make you feel some kind of way. I'm sorry your life turned out so hard, Eugene. If you appreciate this sort of content, ...

First Impressions - Leica M8.2 in 2017

The Leica M8.2 is a 10 year old digital camera. Is it still worth considering in 2017? I think so! Check out my full blog post: ...

Pourquoi encore acheter un Leica M8 aujourd'hui ?

Le Leica M8 est un appareil photo numérique qui a plus de 10 ans. C'est un peu le parent pauvre de Leica, mais quand même, ...

My Week | Why I Shoot Leica | Leica M8 | And More

Bad weather meant that I was unable to get out and complete my Vlog this week, so I review my week in photography and cover ...

M I N I S O D E | Beach In Monochrome | Leica M8

Just had to share this short video from my recent trip to the end of Kariotahi beach. We were met by the most amazing sunset.

Leica M8 Hands-on review: Still in 2018 a great camera?

First review ever with real photographs using the Leica M8, not a review based on nice talking in front of a video recorder about ...

5 Reasons to Buy a Leica M8 Today

This is the poor mans Leica, but still, its a Leica. With all the magic and joy that brings. You can support the channel by purchasing ...

Leica m8 in 2018

Images taken on Leica m8 with elmarit 28mm f2.8 Instagram Filmalog: https://www.instagram.com/filmal0g/ Jason: ...

Is my Leica M8 good enough? Thoughts about the new M10

Can a Leica M10 make me a better photographer?

Leica M8: Monochrom street photography camera in 2020

Street photography @ the Women's March 2020 in San Diego. Taken with a Leica M8 and 35mm 7artisans f2 lens. It is still an ...

Leica M8 is the best digital ever

This camera is sharp and saturated colors like kodachrome. Black and white conversions are great too.


Close description of the two cameras, similarities an differences.

Exploring 2016 - Leica M8

All rights reserved : Eric Bertrand Music : Moby (In This World)

Discreet shutter mode in Leica M8. Firmware 2.024

About the discreet shutter mode in the Leica M8.

Film Versus Digital | Ektachrome v Leica M8

Ok so last time I said.... "why shoot Ektachrome, just shoot digital". This time I do the test and compare them. Ektachrome in the ...

Leica第一台連動測距數碼相機1st rangefinder CCD digital camera : M8(一)

Leica第一台連動測距數碼相機1st rangefinder CCD digital camera : M8 Leica M8 第一台連動測距數碼相機,2006年推出,CCD感光 ...

Is My Leica M8 Dying?

Recently I have had a suspicion that my beloved Leica M8 might be nearing the end of its days. I investigate further and give my ...


This is my first review in English of my gear, Leica m8 with my Summicron 28, Summilux 50 and Trielmar 16-18-21. I liked to ...

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