Видео: Striiv Fusion (Walgreens) Activity Band Full Review

Striiv Fusion Bio Activity Tracker Unboxing And Review

This is an unboxing and review about the Striiv Bio Activity Tracker. I purchased this activity tracker at Best Buy for $79.99.

Striiv Walgreen Activity Tracker unboxing

A quick unboxing of the Striiv Walgreen's Activity Tracker.

Striiv Fusion Smartwatch Review: Long Term Use

This is a video about my Striiv Fusion Smartwatch that I've had for about 9 months now. Thanks for watching and ...

Unboxing the Walgreens Activity Tracker

A look at what's in the box of the Walgreens Activity Tracker.

Striiv Fusion, the little smartwatch that could!

http://www.striiv.com/striivfusion/ With so smartwatches on the rise, you now have some good choices. In the beginning, I was not ...

Striiv Bio2 Plus Fitness Tracker W/ Health App

The Bio2 Plus Fit Tracker is much more than just an activity tracker. It will keep track of the time, your steps, distance, calories, and ...

Using Striiv Bandit

Keep your device secure by using the Striiv Bandit. Quick tip: always keep the Bandit on the wristband side with NO clasp.

Walgreens Activity Tracker Tutorial

How to use your Walgreens Activity Tracker.

Striiv Fusion Lite Activity Tracker Hands On

Here's a look at a affordable fitness or activity tracker from Striiv, The Fusion Lite. This activity tracker can be purchased ...

Pairing Walgreens Activity Tracker with Striiv Android App

Step by step guide of the pairing process on the Android app.

Striiv Vision

New Project.

How to wear Striiv Fusion

Pinch closed using your thumb and index finger. To break it in faster, use a bit of water at first.

Striiv Band: Best Budget Activity Tracker?

This is my take on the Striiv Band, coming in at about $30, it's pretty interesting. Buy Some Cool Spectacles (gives me a kickback ...

Pairing Striiv Fusion with iOS app

How to pair the Striiv Fusion on your iOS device. Step by step through the pairing flow, plus additional information about the Striiv ...

What do the icons mean?

An explanation of the icons found on your Walgreens Activity Tracker.

Striiv Fusion Activity Tracker Smartwatch

For More Info or to Buy Now: ...

Striiv Fusion Activity Tracker Smartwatch

For More Info or to Buy Now: ...

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